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Let our newly established, vibrant team with personal and professional immigration experience assist you with your unique journey as you head toward Canada and North America. Immigration can seem like an overwhelming process, but rest assured with our competent team leading your path.

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Settlement Services

Settlement Services

Before stepping on the plane, let us manage your arrival to settle you in comfortably and assist in setting up your necessities.



Let our experienced team assist you with all your travel requirements directly from your home country to your new home. We offer comprehensive advice with value for money travel solutions.

Translation & Credential

Translation & Credential Assessment

In order to successfully apply for a Visa to enter North America, all documents need to be formally translated into the English language. We assist in directing you to reputable service providers who offer this service. We also arrange assessments of your qualifications for recognition.

Professional Occupation

Professional Occupation Conversions

Each province has their own guidelines in order to be recognized for your chosen Occupation. We provide guidance on the path to follow and which Professional Bodies to contact.

School Match/Custodian

School Match/Custodian / Homestay

Connecting you with the best school and Homestay’s in your preferred location.

Recruitment/Job Match

Recruitment/Job Match

Empowering and leading you to find the right job to ensure success in your new country.

Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

We offer the safest, most loving guidance on relocation of your beloved pets (family).

Official Documents

Official Documents

We help all newcomers obtain any type of official government ID's alongside guiding and and educating them of their use and importance

Additional Support

Additional Support

Alongside the major and important things one needs to knowledge and assistant with when moving, we also help with other additional support measures such as referring to places and people in different industries, the local neighbourhood activities, nearby getaway locations, or any other piece of advice you may be needing to get more comfortable settling to Canada.

Legal Match

Legal Match

We pre-screen and match you with the right immigration lawyer or a regulated immigration consultant from numerous with their profile, biography


Work North America is a company that specializes in helping job seekers apply for LMIA jobs available in Canada.

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Canadian immigration consultancy – we can bring your dreams of migrating to Canada to life

Work North America is a leading Canada immigration agency with extensive experience in assisting individuals and families with their visa applications, job searches, and settlement needs. We are proud to offer complete assistance with all aspects of the immigration process, from start to finish.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your application is complete and accurate, and that you have the best possible chance of success. In addition, we will provide ongoing support and advice as you navigate the Canadian job market and settle into your new life. Whether you're looking to start a new career or simply want to enjoy the beauty of Canada, Work North America can help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Partner with one of Canada's top immigration agencies

With extensive experience to our credit, Work North America is proud to be one of Canada's leading immigration agencies. For us, what's most important is providing every one of our clients with the personalized attention they need to achieve their specific goals. It is for this reason that we offer a wide range of services, each designed to help you through a different stage of the immigration process.

From start to finish, we can assist you with every aspect of your application, including:

  • Matching clients with an experienced immigration consultant Canada
  • Match with potential employer – resume, interview preparation, job search advisory
  • In-House Realtor
  • Help with documents - SIN, translations, credential assessments
  • School matching
  • Banking – options for newcomers
  • Travel & Insurance assistance

Looking to immigrate to Canada? The immigration consultants at Work North America can help!

Are you considering relocating to Canada? If so, you're not alone – Canada is a popular destination for immigrants from all over the world. And whether you're looking for a new career or simply want to enjoy the beauty of this country, Work North America can help you make your dreams a reality. Connect with us today!