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Canada is a nation embedded with unity and diversity and welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We work to make every newcomer feel safe, welcome and included regardless of who they are or where they’re from. We here at Work North America understand what it is like to leave your hometown and country and immigrate to a mighty country like Canada! Although such big decisions and moves in life are done with prior homework and research, sometimes it can just be nerve-wracking, perplexing, or down-right scary to start from the beginning a new life in a new country- especially if it’s your first time and/or you don’t have any family, friends, or acquaintances to help and guide you.

That is where we come in! Newcomers also often need help and guidance in adapting to a new country, its way of life, knowledge of the norms and laws, and navigating their way in a new country. Therefore, we help in doing all of that and more. Our team helps to find you accommodation, assistance in your job search journey by aligning you with potential prospects that meet your credentials and work experience, having your credentials translated and assessed, provide you with the tools and information in sustaining and expanding your knowledge and growth in the Canadian way of life and the local culture, helping you get set up in obtaining official documentation, providing travel tips and advice on your journey into entering Canada, and everything in between.

Located in Vancouver, our office and hearts are open to all our clients who come from abroad and seek information and assistance in settling and integrating into Canada whether it be their first time here or continuous trips in attempts to create a new life here. Our dedicated team of helpful and compassionate team members works with and/or your family to provide you with the best knowledge and insight to make a new nation your home faster and easier. If you are looking to settle in Canada and need someone informed and familiar to help you out, contact us and we can help you get started on your journey here and successfully call Canada your new forever home!

Our values


Honesty and Integrity drives our work hard, but smart attitude.


We strive to keep ahead of Immigration knowledge to give you the most professional advice.


Our aim is to provide a full house service at the click of a button.


Taking the stress out of the process so you can enjoy the journey.

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