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When seeking employment opportunities internationally, navigating the process can be daunting. We are dedicated to assisting candidates every step of the way.

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Explore our diverse packages, designed to meet your specific needs.

For any inquiries or if you need assistance in choosing the right package, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure you have the support and information you need to make the best decision for your recruitment goals.

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Professional Live Coaching (PLC) – A Strategic Investment

Dive deep into the Canadian Job Market

Tailor your approach with our targeted one-hour PLC sessions, customizable to your unique career path. Navigating this complex landscape alone can be daunting and less effective.

The fee is based on one hour of PLC, and you can purchase additional hours as needed.


Immigration Live Coaching (ILC) – Your Key to Success

Unravel the complexities of Canadian Immigration Pathways

Conducted by our trusted immigration lawyer or RCIC, our ILC sessions offer personalized guidance for choosing your ideal Canadian destination tailored to your background and needs.

The fee is based on one hour of ILC, and you can purchase additional hours as needed.


Workplace Decelopment and Coaching Program (WDCP)

Elevate your career prospects with our Canadian ATS-enchanced Resume Service

Our expert team will meticulously convert your foreign CV and crucial documents, applying sophisticated Canadian ATS (Applicant Tracking System) standards and ensuring it will pass to recruiters for review and for the ATS to recommend you to employers. Attempting this complex transformation alone could result in missed opportunities in the Canadian job market.

LinkedIn, Indeed, & ZipRecruiter Profile Enhancement  

Our career coaches will revolutionize your online presence. Using proprietary techniques, your profiles will be transformed to catch the eye of top Canadian employers – a nuanced process far beyond the scope of independent efforts.

Interview Preparation Assistance

Under the guidance of our seasoned career coaches, master the art of the Canadian job interview.

Video Resume Creation Support

Learn how to create a compelling video resume, if requested by employers.


Workplace Development and Coaching Prgoram+ (WDCP+)

Elevate your career prospects with our Canadian ATS-enhanced resume service

Transform your international experience into a powerful Canadian resume tailored to bypass the ATS algorithm so you can get the interviews you deserve. Our expert team will meticulously convert your foreign CV and crucial documents, applying sophisticated Canadian ATS (Applicant Tracking System) standards and ensuring it will pass to recruiters for review and for the ATS to recommend you to employers. Attempting this complex transformation alone could result in missed opportunities in the Canadian job market.

Our expanded services include everything in WDCP, with added sophistication and customization to make your candidacy stand out.

 Exclusive Personalized Live Coaching Sessions  

Benefit from 1 hour of live, personalized coaching sessions with an experienced career coach.

 Enhanced Interview Preparation  

Prepare for not one, but two critical job interviews, doubling your confidence and readiness. Work closely with your career coach to prepare for up to two job interviews and boost confidence and get the dream job in the USA or Canada.

Video Resume Creation Support

Learn how to create and develop a video resume under the guidance of your career coach, if requested by employers.


Staffing Verification Services – An unparalleled Service

If you’ve been offered a job offer to relocate to Canada, this package is tailored for you

Secure your future with our RCIC or Immigration Lawyer Partner-verified staffing service.

Assessing job offers and company qualifications is a complex process that requires professional expertise.  This service reduces the risk of receiving a refusal.

Company Qualification by RCIC or Immigration Lawyer Partners

This service involves a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or an immigration lawyer evaluating a company to ensure your job offer meets the legal and regulatory requirements for hiring international employees. This process includes assessing the company’s eligibility to support work visa applications and compliance with Canadian immigration laws, Provincial Recruitment laws as well as under Ministerial Instruction or Policies tolled out but not published.

Feedback on a Job Offer by RCIC or Immigration Lawyer Partners

Our trusted RCICs or immigration lawyers review and provides expert feedback on a job offer received by a potential immigrant. The focus is on ensuring that the job offer meets the necessary criteria for immigration purposes, such as alignment with labour market needs and compliance with employment standards. The recommendations then supplied to the employer will assist you in having the perfect offer letter ensuring you don’t waste valuable time

LMIA Qualification in the Event of Securing One

This refers to the assessment and guidance provided by an RCIC or immigration lawyer regarding the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), and more. When an employer secures a LMIA, Our professionals assist in understanding its implications, ensuring it aligns with immigration requirements, Labour laws of each province and guiding through the subsequent steps for successful work permit or permanent residence application.


Language Training Course (LTC) – Comprehensive Package

Gain unlimited access to our exclusive online language training for three months.

This package will ensure you the best results for the tests. We share information about the test, what to expect and expert tips to ensure you get the best possible score.

Plus, as a bonus, we include a one-time registration for CELPIP or CAEL, essential for your Canadian journey.


The Ultimate Exclusive Package – A comprehensive solution

In this package EVERYTHING is included

This all-encompassing package includes our top-tier WDCP+, extensive PLC and ILC sessions, meticulous Staffing Verification Services, and Language Training Courses (LTC). It’s an elite bundle of services, designed for those who seek nothing but the best in their Canadian journey.

A summary of what is on offer:

  • Workplace Development and Coaching Program+
  • Professional Live Coaching (PLC) – up to 5 hours
  • Immigration Live Coaching (ILC) – up to 3 hours
  • Staffing Verification Services (If you find your employer)
  • Language Training Course (LTC)


  • Settlement service advisory.
  • Travel advisories if any is applicable to you.
  • School Match for minor children to ensure provincial funding for tuition.
  • Pet Relocation advisory to help you through the maize of bringing your animal children to Canada.


Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the complexities of the Canadian immigration system. We understand that each individual has unique goals and circumstances, and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs. Whether you are a skilled worker, a recent graduate, or a professional seeking new opportunities, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you at every step of the way.

Services we offer Employees

We support employees in finding qualified employers, guiding you
every step of the way. 

Settlement Services

After stepping off the plane, you can embrace the beauty of your new surroundings by putting your confidence in us to ensure professional advice and tips on settling in, sourcing accommodation and setting up your bank, utilities and mobile devices.


Let our experienced team assist you with all your travel requirements directly from your home country to your new home. We offer comprehensive advice with value for money travel solutions.

Translation & Credential Assessment

In order to successfully apply for a Visa to enter North America, all documents need to be formally translated into the English language. We assist in directing you to reputable service providers who offer this service. We also arrange assessments of your qualifications for recognition.

Professional Occupation Conversions

Each country and province/territory in Canada has its own guidelines in order to be recognized for your chosen Occupation. It is important that we understand your professional occupation conversions from your home country to your new home country in North America. We will guide you through the path to making these conversions.

School Match/Custodian/Homestay

We are dedicated to connecting you to the best schools, custodians, and homestays in your preferred location. We know the importance of a good match. We work hard to find the best schools for you so you can enjoy where you study.

Recruitment / Job Match

Another great service we will provide you is job matching and recruitment services. Our goal is to get you employed whether it be just starting out for the first time or having you enter with an experienced background advantage.

Pet Relocation

Transporting pets across borders is a little more complicated than booking a flight and packing up your puppy crate. But the good news is Canada is a very pet-friendly country, and your fur-babies are more than welcome to make the journey and settle into life in Canada along with your family.

Official Documents

You can never over-prepare for your move to Canada; all the work you’ve put in beforehand will make it much easier to settle into your new home. However, certain documents that you’ll need can only be obtained after you have landed, and upon arrival, you’ll still have a few essential items to get checked off your to-do list.

Legal Match

We pre-screen and match you with the right immigration lawyer or a regulated immigration consultant from numerous with their profile, biography, google review rate etc. You have a chance to select one as your representative from the three offers with the proposed plans and details on a transparent and fair fee.


Work North America is a company that specializes in helping job seekers apply for LMIA jobs available in Canada. The process of applying for a LMIA job can be complex and time-consuming, but Work North America has the experience and knowledge to make it as easy as possible.

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