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A Canada Recruitment Agency you can truly rely on.

One of the most prominent services that we offer includes job matching and recruitment. As a leading recruitment agency in Canada, we strive to place you in a position where you may find an excellent job opportunity. Our goal is to get you employed whether it be just starting out for the first time or having you enter with an experienced background advantage. We do this by empowering and leading you to find the right job to ensure success in your new country. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you are matched in a job that fits your skills, assets, and experience.

Job matching helps to match the correct employer with the right candidate. We do so by assessing your credentials, attributes, personality, skills, values, and experience. We take it all into consideration, helping you get a job that will work for you and is sustainable for you. We want you to be happy where you work and work to find you one that will satisfy your career prospects or put you in the direction of where you need to go. We want to place you in a career that leads to future opportunities, not dead ends. We are here to help you get set up with the right job to open doors for you!

We also work with employers to find the right candidates. We understand employers’ needs and job posting requirements and quickly sort through job postings/job listings to find work for you. Our team will assess the compatibility between you and the employer, the longevity and opportunity of the career, and whether or not it is a worthwhile option for you. This support significantly cuts down wasted time viewing unrelated job postings, sending in applications to employers who are a bad fit for you, and going to interviews with companies that don’t provide good opportunities for you.

We streamline this process for you, we find jobs in North America for you! We work hard to make sure you are getting the best job for your skillset, personality, and future goals and we also make our employers happy by matching them with brilliant candidates that are ready for work in North America!


Job matching is an integral part of matching the correct employer with the right candidate. We accomplish so with the help of your academic history, your competencies, personality traits, values and interests, and experience. We consider it all, assisting you in finding a position that is appropriate for you in the long-term. We want you to be happy where you work, and we are committed to assisting you in finding a job that meets your professional goals or puts you on the road to success. We are looking for something more than just a new position. We want to lead you into a career that opens up new doors, and does not trap you in dead-end jobs. Our team is here to assist you in finding the best position that will provide you with a chance to open doors of success for yourself!

We also collaborate with businesses to identify and employ the ideal candidates. We understand employers’ requirements and job posting standards, and we swiftly go through job postings/job listings to locate employment opportunities for you. We’ll look at the compatibility between you and the employer, the length of your career and potential opportunities, as well as whether or not it’s a good fit for you. This support is aimed at significantly cutting down wasted time viewing unrelated job postings, sending in applications to employers who are a bad fit for you, and going to interviews with companies that don’t provide good opportunities.

We take care of this for you, we source employment in North America for you! We make it a point to ensure that you get the most appropriate job for your skills, personality, and future objectives. We also make employers happy by matching them with excellent individuals who are eager to work in North America!


We can help you apply for your work permit Canada, as well. Our team holds a lot of experience with assisting people in getting their work visas, and we can help make the process a lot smoother for you. We’ll go over the requirements with you and help you get all the necessary documents together.

So, if you are looking for employment opportunities in North America, connect with us today!


Work North America is a company that specializes in helping job seekers apply for LMIA jobs available in Canada. The process of applying for a LMIA job can be complex and time-consuming, but Work North America has the experience and knowledge to make it as easy as possible. We will guide you through every step of the process, from finding the right job to filling out the necessary paperwork. In addition, we will provide you with resources and support to help you succeed in your new job. With our help, you can confidently start building your career in Canada.

We understand that finding information about LMIA available jobs in Canada can be difficult. At Work North America, we make it our goal to provide job seekers with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. We regularly scour the internet for new job postings, and we also maintain a database of past job openings. This way, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of LMIA jobs in Canada that you can apply for.

In addition, we also offer a variety of resources and support to help you succeed in your job search. We can provide you with tips on how to write a winning resume, how to ace an interview, and how to navigate the Canadian job market.

If you are interested in finding a LMIA job in Canada, then please contact us today. We would be happy to help you get started on your career journey.


We pre-screen and match you with the right immigration lawyer or a regulated immigration consultant from numerous with their profile, biography, google review rate etc. You have a chance to select one as your representative from the three offers with the proposed plans and details on a transparent and fair fee. We will work with the lawyer and follow up on your case by collecting supporting documents/evidence to reach the final goal.

Under Legal match :
There are more than Seventy Various Streams and pathways to immigration and various areas of immigration hearings and Appeals, A single expert is impossible to be good at all horizons. you need an expert who specially works in a certain field.

Temporary resident Visa (TRV, Study Permit, Work Permit, Open Work Permit. Bridging Open Work Permit)
Economical Immigration Steams( Express Entry, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled WorkFederal Skilled Trade, LMIA, PGWP, Home Child Care Provider, Home Support Worker, Healthcare Professional Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Skill Work -Entry Level & Semi-Skilled, Skill Worker, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Health-care Workers, Provincial nominees)
Invest Immigration Steam (Entrepreneur, Self-employed, Owner-Operators, Intra-Company Transfer, Start-up Visa, )
Family Class ( Spouse Sponsor, Parents and Grandparents Sponsor, Super-Visa)
Immigration Hearing and Appeals, Appeal your immigration decision, detention hearing, Pre-Remove Risk Assessment, Rehabilitation for Overcoming criminal inadmissibility. Judicial Review
Asylum/Refugee protection Claim, Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations


In order to successfully apply for a Visa to enter North America, all documents need to be formally translated into the English language. We assist in directing you to reputable service providers who offer this service. We also arrange assessments of your qualifications for recognition

To successfully apply for a Visa to enter North America, all of your documents need to be formally translated into the English language. We will kindly assist in directing you to reputable service providers to complete this service for you. We also arrange assessments of your qualifications for you to receive recognition of your credentials. We kindly aid you during this process to make sure that your documents are translated and your credentials are recognized for work in North America. This support will help you prepare for work in North America and aid in your transition to life here. We ultimately support your goal of obtaining a job in North America through translation referral services and credential assessment. We are here to help you.

Translation and credential assistance is an essential part of the puzzle to prepare you for work in North America. Without translated documents, your papers will not go far. We need to help you get these documents in working order to the standards and satisfaction of North America.

Credential assessments go a long way in helping you set up your North American resume. One of our other services which is recruitment and job matching will require an understanding of your credentials. Therefore, completing this step with Work North America will help transition you to the North American job market and begin to build your credibility as a North American job seeker and employee.

Once your paperwork is translated and your credentials are assessed, we can move forward on your applications and start to understand which positions might be a good fit for you. We only require that you work with us as we are here to help you! We are faithfully devoted to your success! Let’s get you started into the workforce and pave the way to your successful career!


Each country and province/territory in Canada has its own guidelines in order to be recognized for your chosen Occupation. It is important that we understand your professional occupation conversions from your home country to your new home country in North America. We will guide you through the path to making these conversions.

This conversion means that your credentials from your occupation at your home country will fit or match a certain occupation in your new country; sometimes this occupation is different from what you are familiar with from your home country. We will help you navigate this gap. How we do that is by first, finding out the conversions, and then second, by landing you the correct job.

If it is your personal wish to continue with the same occupation as your home country, but you are missing a few credentials in your North American country, we will source out support and resources for you to make this transition. We can direct you to resources to evaluate your education and experience, and other resources on what courses to take, which institutions provide these courses, or other options like qualifications exams. These exams might be taken to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to perform your occupation in North America. Don’t worry! We will help you navigate this process from start to finish so that you can land your dream job here in North America, using your existing skills and knowledge. Work North America has got you covered, no stress! We are here to help you make this transition. We will process your professional occupation conversion and get you landed in the correct profession.


After stepping off the plane, you can embrace the beauty of your new surroundings by putting your confidence in us to ensure professional advice and tips on settling in, sourcing accommodation and setting up your bank, utilities and mobile devices.

Let us help you find your new home as we arrange virtual viewings and meet with realtors to ensure the perfect fit to settle you in. (Service available in Canada only at this stage)

Temporary Accommodation
Offering advice and recommendations for discounted 4 & 5 star accommodation centrally located in the main areas.

Lifestyle essentials
Arranging of meetings and guidance in order to obtain your bank account, SIN, Health Card and Driver’s license.

Utility Setup
Detail of Hydro and TELUS to ensure the most affordable way forward.

Mobile Plan
Connecting you to loved ones abroad with the best advice and rates.


Let our experienced team assist you with all your travel requirements directly from your home country to your new home. We offer comprehensive advice with value for money travel solutions.

In order to successfully apply for a Visa to enter North America, all documents need to be formally translated into the English language. We assist in directing you to reputable service providers who offer this service. We also arrange assessments of your qualifications for recognition. International travel-whether it’s your first time or your tenth, can be an exciting adventure filled with ups and downs. Taking the right preparations can significantly lower travel stress and make your trip more enjoyable. From your front door to your homestay’s, we got you covered. Knowing the customs of the country you are arriving to along with a good sense of your travel itinerary helps to combat any traveler’s anxiety or mistakes and makes sure the whole traveling experience is effortless, easy, and stress-free.

We will help you with figuring out itineraries, schedules, medical requirements, travel documentation, and much more! We can provide advice on what to pack, what to expect, how best to travel as well as general safety tips. If you have never been to North America, you might know of Canada as the land of Igloos and beavers and America for its football and national anthem, or hey, even Hollywood in LA. But of course, having more knowledge of your travel destination from general weather conditions, to customs, to which side of the road they drive on, can all help toward you having a successful trip and transition to your new location.

Our team of supportive individuals can support you with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding your travel arrangements such as transportation, accommodations, layovers, luggage requirements, packing requirements, airline information, public transit recommendations, and even gift ideas for your homestay.

We want you to have the best experience from the time you leave your home until you arrive at your new home here in North America. We are dedicated to assisting you! Let our experienced team assist you with all your travel requirements directly from your home country to your new home. We offer comprehensive advice with value for money travel solutions. Travel with Work North America. We’ve got you covered!


You can never over-prepare for your move to Canada; all the work you’ve put in beforehand will make it much easier to settle into your new home. However, certain documents that you’ll need can only be obtained after you have landed, and upon arrival, you’ll still have a few essential items to get checked off your to-do list.

Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Personal Health Care Card
Driver’s License
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Immediately upon arriving in Canada, the first official document you should apply for is your SIN. It doesn’t cost anything, but it is a must-have before you can work, get paid, or receive any government benefits. Everyone over the age of 12 should have a SIN, and our agents can help guide you through the application process.

Personal Health Care Card
Access to universal health care is a pillar of life in Canada. However, before you can benefit from free public health coverage, you first need to obtain a Personal Health Care Card. Each province is responsible for its health care program, and waiting periods and eligibility conditions will vary. We can help you obtain your provincial Care Card and, in the meantime, may be able to assist with temporary health insurance.

Driver’s License
While most major Canadian cities are regarded internationally for their robust public transit systems, cars remain the most popular means of transport. Driver’s licenses are issued through your province or territory. Residents of certain countries may be able to transfer an existing license; other times, you may need to take lessons and pass a driving test. We can help you navigate the process of getting your driver’s license in Canada.

Once you officially become a Canadian citizen (congratulations!), you will need a Canadian passport to fly to Canada, even if you retain dual citizenship with another country. Our team can help you gather the necessary documents and complete your official Canadian passport application.

We will work with you to get started and have all your official documents ready!


Newcomers also often need help and guidance in adapting to a new country, its way of life, knowledge of the norms and laws, and navigating their way in a new country. Therefore, we help in doing all of that and more. Our team helps to find you accommodation, assistance in your job search journey by aligning you with potential prospects that meet your credentials and work experience, having your credentials translated and assessed, provide you with the tools and information in sustaining and expanding your knowledge and growth in the Canadian way of life and the local culture, helping you get set up in obtaining official documentation, providing travel tips and advice on your journey into entering Canada, and everything in between.


We are dedicated to connecting you to the best schools, custodians, and homestays in your preferred location. We know the importance of a good match. We work hard to find the best schools for you so you can enjoy where you study. We work hard to place you in a fitting homestay, in the right location, for a comfortable experience in North America. We also work hard to provide a custodian to help oversee your experience and transition to working and living in North America. This support greatly improves our clients’ experience in North America, ultimately providing success for both us and our clients. In the end, we want you to have the best experience possible. This includes where you study, where you live, and who will work with you. We want to see you happy as a clam! That’s a North American expression that means “extremely happy” but don’t worry you will learn these sorts of things when you arrive! We look forward to working with you.

School matches require that the candidate is eligible for admission to not only the school but also the desired program. We will take a look at the admission requirements and process as well as the specific requirements for the program you desire. When thinking about the ideal homestays, location is very important. We help you look for homestays that are close to the location of your school or nearby transportation. We work to place you with a family or home that matches closely with your personality and comfort level. The homestay should reflect the living conditions that you are most familiar with. This is done to better ease your transition and make you feel more comfortable.

Custodianship helps ease your transition by providing someone to oversee your experience and field any issues you might experience as part of your relocation. The custodian’s main role is to keep you safe and provide guardianship. This guardianship will allow you to feel safe while you adjust to a new environment, new culture, and new experiences until you are comfortable with your new surroundings. We welcome you here for work in North America. We here at Work North America are committed to setting you up for success!


We offer the safest, most loving guidance on relocating your beloved pets (family).

Transporting pets across borders is a little more complicated than booking a flight and packing up your puppy crate. But the good news is Canada is a very pet-friendly country, and your fur-babies are more than welcome to make the journey and settle into life in Canada along with your family.

You have options on when and how to bring your beloved pets to Canada. Some airlines may allow you to fly with your pet as carry-on (for small pets) or as cargo (provided certain conditions are met) for a fee. Alternatively, they can travel alone using a pet relocation service.

There are several benefits to using a pet relocation service- especially for long-haul flights or logistically challenging routes. Sometimes, you simply can’t move with your pets right away due to temporary housing restrictions or other accommodation issues. Regardless of how you choose to transport your beloved pets, our team can help make the arrangements. Our team can assist with:

Trip logistics
Pet health and travel documents
Pet delivery
Sourcing registered pet couriers from your region
There are specific regulations involving the transportation of puppies (under 8 months) and kittens (under 3 months) traveling unaccompanied. These transfers will be considered commercial and subject to additional travel conditions in most cases. We can help you navigate the process of moving your puppy or kitten.

It is also important to note that certain Canadian provinces and cities have bans on specific breeds. Before you travel, make sure you are aware of the restriction in your region. In Ontario, for example, banned Pitbull breeds are not allowed to travel through the province at all, including flight layovers.

We will work with you to ensure your pets make the trip with you safely and within guidelines of the government safety and regulations.


Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the complexities of the Canadian immigration system. We understand that each individual has unique goals and circumstances, and we tailor our services to meet their specific needs. Whether you are a skilled worker, a recent graduate, or a professional seeking new opportunities, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you at every step of the way.

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