Settlement Services

Settlement Services

Before stepping on the plane, let us manage your arrival to settle you in comfortably and assist in setting up your necessities.

  • Accommodation
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Bank Account
  • Utility Setup
  • Mobile Plan

After stepping off the plane, you can embrace the beauty of your new surroundings by putting your confidence in us to ensure professional advice and tips on settling in, sourcing accommodation and setting up your bank, utilities and mobile devices.


Let us help you find your new home as we arrange virtual viewings and meet with realtors to ensure the perfect fit to settle you in.  (Service available in Canada only at this stage)

Temporary Accommodation

Offering advice and recommendations for discounted 4 & 5 star accommodation centrally located in the main areas.

Lifestyle essentials

Arranging of meetings and guidance in order to obtain your bank account, SIN, Health Card and Driver’s license.

Utility Setup

Detail of Hydro and TELUS to ensure the most affordable way forward.

Mobile Plan

Connecting you to loved ones abroad with the best advice and rates.